This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Rachel(L) and Amy(R) meet their birth Father in Talakag

Last week I had the opportunity to meet two wonderful young women Amy and Rachel Yarnold who returned to Bukidnon to visit Bethany where they were adopted from with the blessing of their adoptive family.
The other and most important reason for them returning to Bukidnon from their home in Brisbane Australia was to meet up with their birth father and their siblings as well as their birth mothers sister.
As one can imagine it was a very busy week for the sisters and also very emotional one.
Their story begun in 1986 when the sisters along with their brother David were adopted by an Australian missionary couple who at that time were stationed in Papua New Guinea. The eldest of the siblings was after sometime sent to Australia to continue her education followed eventually by her brother then finally both adoptive parents and the youngest sibling returned to settle in Australia.
I got an e-mail from the youngest sibling Rachel last month to say they would be coming to Mindanao and was it possible for them to stay at Bethany during their visit.
I passed their request to Bethany’s Chairperson Atty Nacua and Rose Longcob who made all the arrangements for the visitors during their stay in Talakag. A message was sent to their birth father to inform him of the visit and as they say the rest is history.
During their stay they discovered that they were three of 13 children with 4 sisters and 2 brothers still surviving. The also met their birth mothers sister their aunt during their visit. Now that they have made contact with their Bukidnon relatives the sisters vowed to return more frequently in the future and bring their brother along with them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Preparations Underway for Bethany’s Foundation Celebration

All hands on deck as Bethany prepares for its Foundation Celebration next week. Everyone is busy. Elementary pupils, high school students, teachers, home and school staff, and even volunteers are all working hard to ensure that everything will be alright on the day.

Dancers Practising their Moves

Sound Check

Making the Props

Making the Costumes

Landscaping Efforts by the Gym