This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bethany Christian Home for Children in Colour: Part 1

I was asked recently by a former Bethany School student if I would post some recent photographs of Sugar Creek the name given to the upper part of the Bethany compound by Ms Louise Lynip (our founder) where the Children’s Home is located. Always willing to please, here is the photographs that I took yesterday..............so Joyce this is especially for you. I hope you like them and they bring back happy memories.

Nursery Playroom

Former Laundry now a Store Room

Administration Block

Older Cottage

Farm Building & Office

New Guest House

Cottage 11

Old Cottage being renovated

New Cottage

Older Wooden Cottage

Original wooden cottage

Basketball Court

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I went to Bethany to inspect the Rubber Plantation which is now nearing three years since it was first started. The trees are now visible from the farm building and looking very good indeed. A Rubber Plantation is like a mini forest when mature and the latex is being tapped.

Parts for the grass cutter will soon be available and the grass growing between the rows of rubber trees will be cut short in order to reduce the possibility of fire during the dry season. When I look at the Rubber Plantation I’m so proud of all the financial donations given by my friends and colleagues in the UK to get this project literally off the ground and into the air.

Thank you one and all for you kindness for getting the project this far.




Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Provincial Governor of Bukidnon, the Honourable Alex Calingasan, Visits Bethany

Bethany was honoured today with the presence of the Governor Alex Calingasan at the school graduation of Preparatory, Grade 6 and 4th Year High School Class of 2011.

The graduates along with their parents and staff  were thrilled to be in the presence of the Governor who addressed the assembly and took time out of his busy schedule to speak individually with the students and parents and posed for photographs with them which, I’m sure, will be something they will treasure for the future.

The Chairperson of the Bethany Board of Trustees, Atty Chemene Nacua, also congratulated the graduates and reminded all parents of both present and future students that it is not an easy task to send their children to school in these difficult financial times, but to do otherwise could mean a bleak future for them.

Once again big congratulations to all graduates as they have made their parents and staff of Bethany very proud of them.

The Bethany Graduates
Preparatory, Grade 6 and High School Class of 2011
The Governor poses with some more graduates.
Lucky graduates pose with the Governor.
Marilou Cunningham with the Governor