This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Early this week Bethany was honoured to receive a Mission Team of 19 members of the First Baptist Church of Middleburg, Florida USA. http://www.fbcmiddleburg.com/

The visit was a culmination of a previous visit from Dr Alan Floyd and Pastor Todd Jones back in August last year who came as an advance party to establish if the First Baptist Church of Middleburg could be of assistance to Bethany.

The welcome diner for the FBC Mission Team.

Following that first visit a husband and wife team Joe and Donna Hutcheson was appointed with approval from the Bethany Board of Trustees and they came to live in Bethany in March this year.

The whole idea of Joe and Donna being appointed was to assist with the management of Bethany and liaise with First Baptist Church of Middleburg for any ongoing projects resulting from the synergy between the two organisations.

Since coming to Bethany Joe and Donna have worked tirelessly in order to improve the ambiance of Bethany and conduct surveys in order to establish a list of priorities that would improve life in general for all who live and work at Bethany.
The plans are explained to me.

As a result of their initial report the Mission Team was formed which included members that had the necessary skills such as medical, teaching, farming and general building maintenance and of course the ability to work hard and be committed.

The medical team comprised of a Doctor and Optician as well as paediatric nurses who have examined all the Bethany children as well as those attending the Bethany School. A patient index card system has also be set up so that each child has a medical record that will enable any further Medical team visits to view the progress of the individual children.

The children being examined by the Doctor.

The nurse taking the childrens particulars.

Amongst the Mission Team was also teachers who taught at the school as well as assist at the nursery. A sum of $1,000.00 was donated by the Mission Team to enable the Bethany Farm piggery to be reactivated to help with supplementing the food requirements.

Last but not least of course was the effort by those members who painted the Bethany Church building and the Main Library facade and its all weather walkway which has really enhanced a very vital part of the Bethany infrastructure.

OK Joe, this is the plan says Pastor Todd.

Leading by example.

A labour of love.

Finishing touches.

I have a good feeling now that more people on the outside are taking an interest in what is going on here and know that without that help and kindness Bethany and its children would surely suffer. With that thought in mind I would personally like to thank the visiting team members who gave up being with their families and loved ones to travel half way around the world just to be with us and dedicate their precious free time to helping Bethany. Also I’d like to thank the entire congregation of the First Baptist Church of Middleburg for making the whole Mission possible and the trust given to those at Bethany from Dr Floyd and Pastor Jones.

Thats amazing.

Having fun with the kids.

So happy to be here.

Mrs J in the classroom.



The finished project.

The Bethany School reference centre of knowledge.

Our little church with its new exterior coat of paint.The reference centre to our faith.

I just hope that this synergy between BCHCI and FBC of Middleburg lasts for many years to come.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Recently the Ladies from ELCI came to Talakag as part of their (3rd) annual visit to Bethany. As always the children and staff were delighted to see the Ladies as they bring with them goodies for the children.

On this occasion the ladies treated the children to their morning snack which comprised of siopao, corn chips, chocolate cake, cup cakes and a fruit drink. How the children just loved this. When all the food was eaten the Ladies played parlour games with the children and to hear the laughing I don’t know who was enjoying the games most.

During their visit to Bethany the Ladies also inspected the rubber tree seedlings that they donated last year when they came and were delighted to see the progress being made.

During this visit Marilou and I planned a little surprise for the Ladies as a way to say thank you for all their efforts in helping Bethany.

The first surprise was to take them to visit a local farm owned by Amado and Elizabeth Noble who have built a weekend retreat and recreational area as well as a small botanic garden. The Ladies just loved this as it’s so beautiful and peaceful and allowed so many picture opportunities.
From the farm we took the Ladies to our house in the town for lunch and a chance to get refreshed.

The last part of the trip to Talakag was to visit the HELP Foundation a charity run by an American Keith Hooper that has a goat farm and training facility for local women in handcrafts as well as home economics and also gives micro loans to enable small businesses to be started.

The charity is funded by US donors as well as Rotary International. The Ladies were impressed by what they saw at the training centre. The feedback was that the Ladies thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Bethany and Talakag and look forward to next year when they will return once more.