This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi everyone just a short blog to let you know we are now well and truly entrenched in Talakag.When we arrived on the 26th we were busy trying to sort out our container clearance as well as my residence visa.We had to return to Manila on the second week of our arrival to complete the necessary paper work.Glad to say we have completed everything and our container should arrive from Cebu in Talakag on Saturday morning all going well.(Slight technical hitch engine failure on ship mid jouney now due to be delivered Talakag Sunday morning.)
We contacted Greg and Rose Longcob at Bethany but so far been unable to meet up as Greg has a heavy cold and we have been so busy but next week we will definately meet up and bring them up to date with the news from the UK which is quite exciting.I will post about the UK news next week after I have discussed everything with Rose and Greg.
Till then please continue to read and look out for more news from Bethany.