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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Nicest Part about Being Connected With Bethany

The children and staff and Bambi the pup say a big thank you to Lynn, Terry and Anthony on their recent visit to Bethany.
Keith shows Lynn his favourite kid at the H.E.L.P. Foundation Goat House.

This is how its done says Terry; I wonder who is enjoying it most?

Lynn assisted by Terry and Anthony distribute goodies and gifts to the children.

The nice thing about being part of Bethany is the fact that one has the opportunity to meet genuine amazing people.
On Valentines Day I had another such experience when Terry and Lynn Habeck along with Lynn’s son Anthony Decoste took some time off from their very busy work schedule to come down and visit us here at Bethany.
Terry and Lynn run their aviation logistics business http://www.aviationconcepts.aero/ based in Guam whilst their son Anthony looks after the Manila side of the operation based in Makati. Lynn and Terry had contacted Keith Hooper a fellow board member at Bethany and said they would like to visit Bethany whenever their time allowed them to do so. That time was Saturday and after spending the Friday night at a hotel in Cagayan de Oro city Keith and I drove down early morning to collect them as they had to depart later that afternoon to return to Manila.
On arrival in Talakag we stopped by Keith’s house briefly to say hello to Keith’s wife Pat and my wife Marilou along with members of Keith’s H.E.L.P. Foundation staff.
Next it was off to Bethany were Lynn, Terry and Anthony met Rose and Greg Longcob and had an opportunity to go into the infants cottage and meet the children there as well as ask numerous questions about Bethany. Then it was off to the toddler’s cottage where after meeting the children Lynn terry and Anthony distributed numerous candy treats to the children as well as toys and educational gifts galore. The children were overwhelmed as they thought Christmas had arrived either again or early with so many goodies being handed around. I have never seen so many smiling faces at one time, as I witnessed then.
We had to drag Lynn, Tom and Anthony away from the children to the Guest House for refreshments as time was passing so quickly and we were mindful of their tight schedule.
The next port of call was back to Keith’s house following a brief tour of Talakag for lunch where everyone had an opportunity to ask questions of each other which was very enlightening as it’s at this time one gets to know other people. On the conclusion of lunch and our hosts Pat and Keith were duly thanked for their excellent fare we then moved of to the H.E.L.P. Foundations Goat Farm to enable Tom, Lynn and Anthony to observe the formal handing over of goats to three participants in the goat give away scheme for needy families. More information on this project can be obtained by clicking on the H.E.L.P. link on this site.
At this juncture I has to reluctantly say farewell to our very kind and gracious visitors for visiting Bethany as they were going to see how rubber was produced and collected on the conclusion of their visit whilst en-route to the airport to catch their return flight to Manila.
Once again a big thank you Lynn, Terry and Anthony for visiting us here at Bethany, and as we say in Scotland now Talakag “Haste ye back”.

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