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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


From L to R. Rigmor, Andreas, Aleksandra and Olav Øygarden

Last week I was informed by Rose Longcob that a Norwegian family was coming to visit Bethany with their adopted grown up children. On hearing this news I was anxious to meet them when they arrived in Talakag. I was thinking to myself they are going to really feel the difference in temperature as its now the middle of winter in Scandinavia, just the right time for a vacation.
The day after they arrived Marilou and I went to Bethany to meet up with the new arrivals who were Mr Olav and Mrs Rigmor Øygarden and their daughter Aleksandra and son Andreas. Aleksandra who is now 24 years was adopted from Bethany when she was 9 months old and was born in Talakag. Andreas who is now 21 years was born in Kibawe also in Bukidnon and was adopted at 18 months old. Marilou informed Andreas when she heard he was born in Kibawe that he shared the same birthplace as a famous son of the Philippines namely Manny Paquiao, which he was delighted to learn.

The Øygardens were accompanied by the boyfriend of Aleksandra, Mr Steffen Lücherat as well as their good friends Eythor I. Johannsson and Mary Ann Lund. (see photo below)

This is the second visit of Aleksandra and Andreas who last came 13 years ago when Miss Lynip was still alive and managing Bethany. I was also informed that they were some of the first children to be adopted into Europe as until then most children were adopted either locally or to the USA.
It’s always great to see children who left so young return to Bethany as polished young men and women. During their visit to the Philippines both Aleksandra and Andreas will meet their birth mothers as arranged by Rose.
The family along with their companions will stay at Bethany until January 1 and then relocate to Cagayan de Oro so they can visit the many attractions in the area then travel on to Cebu to finish their vacation before returning back to the cold winter of Norway.
Marilou and I wish them all a very pleasant remainder to their stay here in the Philippines and maybe one day we will have the opportunity to meet up with them all again. We will certainly keep in touch with them and continue to keep them informed of the happenings at Bethany.

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