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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The BHK Teddy Boys

Originally posted 09 June 2007

When going on our recent trip to Talakag we had some additional passengers with us for company namely the BHK Teddy Boys who were given to us by my colleague Eleanor Smith for the children at Bethany.
As you can imagine the Teddy Boys were very tired after the long journey and on arrival at our house in Talakag they were given a bath and fed and then put to bed for a good nights sleep.
Neither myself or my wife Marilou heard a peep from them the whole night as they were so tired, ourselves included of course.
The next morning after a hearty breakfast and a lecture to the Teddy Boys to be on their best behaviour we set out to visit Bethany. On arrival at Bethany we were welcomed by Greg and Rose Longcob and we explained all about the BHK Teddy Boys.
Rose suggested that she would choose the cottage where the Teddy Boys would meet their new life time friends and we all went off to meet up with the children.
As you can imagine after the Teddy Boys met the children it was love at first sight and they had such a lot to discuss as the Teddy Boys had to relate to the children where they came from and all about their journey to Talakag.
I'm sure they are still chatting about it to this day and will remain friends for life.

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