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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Sustainable Idea

Originally posted 07 June 2008

Please read the message from Mr Keith Hooper above before continuing to read the post below:
Following my recent visit to Talakag and after holding numerous discussions with various bodies and individuals regarding the future funding of Bethany an idea has been formed as to how this may in part be achieved.
It is no secret that since Miss Lynips passing on the 4th July 2006 funding has been more difficult to raise on a regular basis. Bethany has suffered as a consequence in so much that the number of children that it can help by providing a caring environment in which to live has decreased. It’s true that children come and go on a regular basis and the time a child spends at the home depends on each child’s individual circumstances or whether there is a demand for adoption. However there is always a need to care for more children as no matter how fast they go there are more to replace them. The staff at Bethany over the years and until today have done a wonderful job in caring for the children, providing an opportunity to go on and have a fruitful life as many ex-Bethany children around the world can testify to. The idea that we have is to plant approximately 20 hectares of available land with rubber trees which will when mature give a financial income on a monthly basis. The estimated cost of clearing a hectare and planting it with seedlings and providing fertilizer is 35,000 peso which is at todays rate approximately $835.00, £422.00 or €537.00.
Individuals could either sponsor the planting of 1 Hectare if they wished or part of a Hectare or just make a small donation towards the project. The idea is that this plan would bring in a regular income and result in better financial planning. If the idea is successful we could move on to other sustainable projects which could involve the older children and staff and maybe the pupils who attend Bethany school. If we are not enterprising Bethany will suffer further and all the previously good work done by Miss Lynip and her dedicated staff will have been in vain. I appeal to my readers to please give serious consideration to this idea and give what you can in order to see it come to fruition for the sake of past, present as well as future children.
Should you wish to discuss the above idea further or make a donation please contact me at jcjimc@aol.com or if you wish to make a donation contact my fellow Bethany board member Mr Keith Hooper who’s details are below.
H.E.L.P. Foundation
23031 60 Rd.
Lebanon, KS 66952

E-mail: help2philippinechildren@yahoo.com.
Tel: (785)389-3621

The income that can be obtained from farming rubber is currently between 4,500 – 6,000 Pesos per hectare/month net. With the potential 20 hectares available to plant and farm that would give Bethany around 90,000 – 120,000 Pesos per month or 1,080,000 - 1,440,000 Pesos per annum. Now that’s what I call a sustainable idea.

Lets go for it and show Bethany we care and we mean BUSINESS in capital letters.

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