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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talakag Fiesta 2008

Originally posted 11 May 2008

During our recent holiday in Talakag it was the first time since the 1980's that we had managed to be there when the Fiesta was taking place.
How this event has changed over the years when I first visited Talakag the Fiesta was always held exclusively in the Plaza when the Fair and Circus came to town. I can remember the De Guzman family owned and operated the fairground and the circus and the children queued up to see attractiond like the Turtle Lady and the Magician and many more. In this day and age the fairground is now located in the land behind the Central Elementary School and alas the circus is no more. The basket ball tournament is still a big attraction but also there is a Night Cafe where you can eat and drink and listen to live music from local bands playing on the big stage in the Plaza.

There was also a boxing tournament with a boxing ring errected specially for the occassion and any budding "Pacman" could show his worth to the crowed. Also a Motocross tournament was held during the Fiesta which attracted riders from all over the country.

Also a bikers rally attracted some of the biggest and best motor bikes in the country to Talakg during early April.

The Fiesta may have changed but the excitement still remains.
Al Bicas Talakags Premier Biker in action.

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