This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Passing Of An Angel

Originally posted 06 July 2006

The founder and patron of Bethany Christian Home for Children suddenly passed away on Tuesday 4th July 2006 at 9.40pm.
Miss Louise Lynip was truly an Angel sent by the Lord to do his work and inspire others to do likewise in the Province of Bukidnon.

In the 66 years that Miss Lynip lived and worked in the Philippines with only a short enforced break due to the Japanese occupation of the islands she acheived so much.
Founding Bethany and being it's inspiration to expand and become what it is today is no mean feat, the countless children she assisted in caring for and in some cases placement with adoptive parents both at home and overseas was remarkable.

It's my wish that the work she started at Bethany is never allowed to either be forgotten or come to an end. The Bethany Home needs funding on a continuous bases and I'm sure those who knew Miss Lynip personally or was touched by her dedication will contribute to ensure her memory lives on.
Until her end she continued to live and work at Bethany despite being 94 years young,in heart at least.

I am not an overly religous person but I do believe in God and I will pray for Miss Lynip and the continued success of Bethany Christian Home for Children. Talakag.

Please go to http://www.mindanao.com/blog/ for more information regarding Bethany.

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