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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sponsors Needed

Originally posted 29 September 2007

I promised a few weeks ago that I would give the readers of this journal the opportunity to sponsor a young person.
For the first opportunity I would like to intoduce the RADAM siblings.
The RADAMS consist of one brother Alfredo who is the eldest at 19 years and his five sisters. The girls are Roselyn 17, Lani 16, Mary Joy 14, Jonalyn 13 and Abegail 11 who is the youngest.
They are all bright youngsters and have high school graduation as well as further education plans via college and university.
As you can imagine they have been through a lot together and mean the world to each other and by way of their individual educational success they can continue to support each other through life.
If you wish to sponsor any of the RADAM family you can write to
Mrs Rose Longcob
c/o Bethany Christian Home for Children, Inc.
Talakag, Bukidnon-8708. Mindanao. Philippines.
Mrs Longcob can also be contacted by e-mail llynip50th@yahoo.com.ph
If you would like to become a pen friend at anytime please also contact
Mrs Longcob for details.
If you would like any additional information about sponsorship or the workings of Bethany I can be contacted direct at jcjimc@aol.com

Left to right: Alfredo, Roselyn, Lani, Mary Joy, Jonalyn and Abegail.
I will keep you informed as to the success of this initiative, as its very important to Bethany and the children.

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