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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talakag Hit By Serious Fire

Originally posted 29 June 2008

During our visit to Talakag in March/April we witnessed a dreadful fire on the evening of the 9th April that engulfed an area of the main market place towards the Gas Station.
We were awakened at around 11.30pm when a relative sent us a text message to tell us of the fire. Allthough fortunately our house was not near the area of the fire we walked down to the Plaza to see horrendous flames shooting from the blaze into the night sky.
The Talakag Town Fire Department along with the Del Monte water tanker fought the blaze and contained it to the buildings around the Noble Family bakery allthough it was some hours before the residents could sigh with relief that the fire had been contained.
It was fortunate that there was no breeze that night otherwise the fire could have been much more catastrophic than it was for the residents living in that part of the town.
Unfortunately the fire although not directly did have a bearing on the deaths of two of the towns residents and our hearts go out to them both and their respectve families.
When we left to return home to the UK the site was already being cleared up so as to allow rebuilding to commence.
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