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an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Year To Date

Originally posted 10 February 2008

Hi everyone it's hard to believe but now that January has gone and 1/3rd of February has passed this year is for sure going to be the quickest of our lives. On Tuesday the 5th February Marilou celebrated her 50th birthday and to mark the occassion we went with a group of friends to a castle near our house called Lumley Castle to enjoy an Elizabethian theme night. We had never been to a theme night before and it was very good so was the food. We all enjoyed the evening as it was diffirent to anything we had been to before. All the friends that Marilou had invited were Filipinas married to British husbands, so it was a mixing of cultures.
On her real birthday I was in Germany on business so I was glad we had gone out to celebrate the previous Friday. Our son Michael and daughter Mariel however came to my rescue and treated their mum to dinner on her birthday at a local restuarant close to our house. They all enjoyed themselves and spent the remainder of the evening together reminiscing and planning the future.

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