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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Recent Visit To Talakag

Originally posted 27 April 2008

Marilou hands over our donation to Rose Longcob with members of staff in attendance.

Now that our visit to Talakag is over and we are back in the UK I can start to blog about our holiday.
Our stay in Talakag seemed to pass very quickly as they say when you are enjoying yourself time goes very fast. Our two priorities during our recent visit was to attend my mother-in-laws 80th birthday party and to visit Bethany and hand over the donations raised from friends and colleagues here in the UK. All other activities were a bonus for Marilou and I during our holiday I the Philippines.
Our visit to Bethany coincided with their school graduation ceremonies and being in attendance made me very proud to be part of its activities especially since one of my nephews graduated high school and will now proceed to Xavier University to study Civil Engineering good luck to all the graduates.
After the graduation ceremony Marilou and I attended lunch with Greg and Rose Longcob and members of the Bethany staff in order to hand over our donation cheque for 86,165.00 pesos which was gratefully received. It’s painfully obvious that Bethany is struggling financially and requires more benefactors in order to survive, people like Mr Keith Hooper (H.E.L.P Foundation) and Mr Michael Read from Australia who recently visited Bethany and made a substantial and well received donation as well as all the other benefactors I say a very big thank you for your much needed help and kindness.

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