This site is dedicated to the most humane work of Ms Louise Lynip who founded the children's home and until the 4th July 2006 at the age of 94 continued to participate in it's management. The home cares for orphaned and abandoned children and offers love, security and
an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update From Bethany

Originally posted 4 June 2008

Talakag, Bukidnon – 8708
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June 16, 2008

Dear Friends,

Children….they are God sent…….they are our inspiration!

As of this date we have a total of 26 children under our care. Seven are in the age bracket of new born to two years old, five that are aging from 3 to 5 years old, eight are from 6 to 12 years old and there are 6 that are 13 to 20 years old.

May 28, 2008, we also received a 2 months old baby boy whose 13 years old mother could not continue to provide and take care of him. Two days after baby John Carlo came to Bethany, we saw him smile while he coos to our faces. He is the youngest of the 26 children in care at present.

March 15, 2008, two young siblings Angelo Daniel 3 and baby Criselda 7 months old were given up by their biological father after their birth mother died of hemorrhage a month after giving birth of Criselda. The father could not take care of the children at the same time work for a living.

April 28 & 29, 2008, we were inspired by the special visit of Mrs. Marylou Eshelman and Ms. Naseem both from Wide Horizons for Children, Inc. in Massachusetts, USA. They came to visit the home and took pictures of the four Neri Siblings that were matched and will be joining one of their adoptive families soon.

There are 4 children that are just waiting for their adoptive families to come from the US and there are 5 children that are now ready for inter-country placement.

Our priority needs and prayer requests:
Children’s monthly food …………………………….$ 400.00
Babies monthly milk…………………………………$ 200.00
Monthly medicines & vitamins………………………$ 200.00
Monthly electric bill ………………………………....$ 700.00
Caregivers’ monthly salary…………………………..$1,500.00 (for 8 persons)

You can select where you want to designate your monthly support from the above priority list of needs.
We need sponsors for our Rubber planting project:

You can support our plan to plant rubber trees in our available 11 hectars land that is ready for planting for our goal for Bethany to be self sufficient in the near future.
- 500 trees per hectar including mortalities
- $ .83 per seedling
- Total cost of expenses $ 800.00 per hectar that would include seedlings, fertilizer, land preparation and labor.

We also need sponsors for our 2 college girls (Bethany wards) Roselyn and Lani Radam who are staying home this time after graduation in high school last March due to our financial difficulties. They do voluntary work in the nursery at present while waiting for educational funding to be available. We need $400.00 tuition fee per semester ( 5 months), $ 145.00 per month board & lodging and personal allowance. This is per student. So, you can designate any amount for our college students if you wish.

As the Lord continues to entrust children in Bethany, we are committed to care for them believing that the Lord will provide for us. As our partners in caring for these precious children we need your financial monetary support.

Thank you and God bless you all!


Corporate Secretary/ Social Worker


Tonia (Weeks) Thornton said...

Hi Rose. I don't know if you remember me. My name is Tonia (Weeks)Thornton. I am a Bethany child. My parents are Doug and Janeen Weeks. We lived there back in 1981 for about 10 months. My Dad helped at the church and taught a journalism class at the school. My sister is Reushann and my brother is Shaun. I saw your names and said, "I know them. I was so thrilled to see that there were still people there that I knew. How are you. Is there anyone else still there? Talampas, Tupas, Ati Fe, Manong mulroy, chichi????Any of those names ring a bell?

Faith said...

Hi Rose, I too am a Bethany child. My sisters and I were adopted year 1995. U may known us as Mary Mae, Elanor and Mary Jane Labeta. I was going through the scrapbook that you made us to remember everyone. I still keep contact with Merian Talampas and some of my cousin through Face Book.

Camille said...

Hi Rose! I was in the middle of writing something for my profile and wanted to make reference to where I came from and stumbled on to your blogger. Wow! I to am from Bethany and and I came to the Rochester area at 6 years old in the early 70's. My name is Camille but when I was at the orphanage I was known as Kim which I still go by with my family. The last time I saw Mum was when she showed up for my 30th birthday which was a little over 10 years ago. What an amazing surprise. Isis had also accompanied her. I don't have a very good memory of life there but I was the little brat that used to sneak in her room at night because I didn't want to be alone even though the twins shared a room with me. I wasn't very good for her back either because my most favorite thing to do was jump up and down on her bed while she was still in it. I also used to get into her nail polish and go under the house to put it on. I remember getting in trouble. :) I always sat next to her during meals so I could whisper to her what I wanted to eat. When I finally left to go to my new home I was devastated and would not let her leave me for 2 weeks. Life is good though and I miss her dearly because she was my mother.