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an opportunity to be brought up in a christian environment.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Would You Sponsor A Bethany Child

Originally posted 08 September 2007

Sometime ago I mentioned on this journal that I would like to set up a facility to enable people to sponsor a child from Bethany. My idea of sponsorship is like adoption from a distance because I don't just wish to solicit funding for the child, I also want the sponsor to communicate with the young person.
By communicating I mean the sponsor can write to the young person about their experiences and their home country or present location and offer encouragement with regards to education and life in general. As you will agree by having a close friend it is much easier to share a problem and let's be honest, everyone needs a friend for support.
I don't wish to suggest a monetary amount. That would be up to the sponsor to decide.
Next week I will post the names and photographs of the first of the young people that I would like to intoduce for possible sponsorship.
Remember by becoming involved in sponsoring a young person you are playing a valuable part in their lives.

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